Computational EM

General consulting on computational electromagnetics problems, including antenna design, optimization and verification; biomedical effects of RF fields, SAR validation; EMI/EMC problem solving; Non-destructive Testing (NDT) of materials; finite-element method (FEM) EM solver technology and GPU acceleration.

Internet of Things

Design services for wireless and Internet of Things devices. We offer complete solutions for Bluetooth, 802.11, LoRa and cellular-based customized IoT services. From various aspects of embedded hardware and antenna design to complete applications we cover a broad spectrum of use cases and technologies.

RF measurement technology

Radio frequency measurements in the physical layer of 2G, 3G and 4G mobile, IEEE 802.11 and wireless Internet of Things (IoT) standards. With a deep understanding of the physical layer, we can help defining, implementing and troubleshooting your RF testing solutions.

SAR compliance

Specific Absorption Rate evaluation for compliance checks using accurate and properly validated computational electromagnetics models of the device under test, using our proprietary model validation technique. We contribute to the relevant IEC/IEEE standardisation body as invited experts.

Wireless Power Transfer

Computational EM aspects of wireless power transfer, primarily resonant inductive wireless power transfer techniques: coil and geometry optimization, sensitivity analysis, EMI/EMC problems, communications solutions for WPT links.

Software Defined Radio

Custom solutions for terrestrial and satellite communications: from system-level design and analysis to implementations using open-source software defined radio platforms, from sophisticated coding and multi-antenna physical layer solutions to evolved MAC designs and resource scheduling.

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